Martin Short Defended by Fans and Celebrities After Critic Calls Him ‘Desperately Unfunny’


Martin Short is receiving an outpouring of love and support after a critic penned a hit piece against him.

The 73-year-old Canadian actor and comedian was the subject of an article titled “Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Short” published by Slate Magazine on Friday. In the piece, author Dan Kois describes Short with an “eager-to-please flamboyance” that “would do anything, anything, for a laugh.”

Kois continued to twist the knife, adding “I find Martin Short’s whole schtick exhausting, sweaty, and desperately unfunny. Throughout his evolution from sketch-comedy standout to uneasy movie star to twice-failed talk-show host to enthusiastic song-and-dance man, I’ve wrinkled my nose.”

Fans and celebrities did not take Kois’ words lightly and the article led to a strong backlash on social media, with fans and fellow actors defending Short.