Medical Emergency Causes Lauryn Hill To Postpone Philly Show


Fans have been going crazy over the “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” 25th Anniversary tour.

Despite a few hiccups, many are dancing to her classic catalog and enjoying seeing the New Jersey native and her bandmates from The Fugees rip the stage live.

However, fans of Lauryn Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were left severely disappointed upon hearing the news that her show tonight (October 23) is be canceled.

According to a statement, Lauryn Hill is experiencing some wear and tear on her voice — a result of singing her face off at the last few shows.

She posted the sad news on social media.

“Dear Philadelphia, It is with disappointment that I am writing this note to you. One the advice of my physicians, I have no choice but to postpone the show tomorrow. I need to rest my voice to prevent any more serious strain or damage to my vocal cords,” she wrote on Facebook, adding, “The start of this tour has been incredible. What an amazing experience to celebrate this anniversary with all of my family, my friends, and all of you.”

She said that she is looking forward to giving the fans in Philly the show they “deserve with a fully recovered and healthy voice.”

Wherever she seems to go, a healthy Ms. Hill seems to have an outstanding impact on her fans. She recently visited New Zealand and shared a special moment with a few indigenous performers.

The new date for Philadelphia is scheduled for Saturday, November 25.

Despite the setback, she is going to make the Toronto date, and plans to rest up “for a few days” before leaving the States for the Canadian city.