Paris Hilton Responds to ‘Sick People’ Commenting on Size of Baby Son’s Head: ‘He Just Has a Large Brain’


In the TikTok video, Tleiji asked “what is wrong with this world” after seeing some of the comments on the IG post. “People are in the comments are crazy,” she said. “You have people calling him Stewie [from Family Guy]. And then somebody saying, ‘Genetically engineered to be a genius for sure.’ … Then you have this person saying, ‘You need to have your baby evaluated by a pediatric neurosurgeon, he has a pretty large fontanelle (soft sport) and macrocrania, he would likely need a MRI or US to rule out a blockage of spinal fluid in his brain [to be on the safe side].'”

Before Hilton dropped in the comments to confirm that she had, of course, gotten her baby checked out by doctors, Tleiji suggested it would be ridiculous to assume she hadn’t already. “He just has a big head because he has a small body and he’s gonna grow into it,” she concluded. “Leave Phoenix alone.”