Meek Mill Lays Down $10 Million Challenge to Record Executives Rooting Against Him


Meek Mill wants record executives to put their money where their mouth is. Days after the announcement of his partnership with WME, Meek Mill is challenging execs who don’t believe in him to a $10 million bet.

“If you a corporate person that work in the music business and ever predicted meek is over … I wanna place a 10m bet with you in contract …. Label owners a&rs ceo’s coo’s artist … im just finding out y’all was talking like that … y’all said I was over at least 5 times,” Meek wrote on Twitter.

He added, “And ima do it from independent side no major vibes to make effortless …. This is not a joke this for people that fake call the shots in this music industry …. They really be washed and try to place there limints on you and want you to believe it sneverrrrrr!”

Earlier this month, Leading talent agency WME and artist, businessman, and activist Meek Mill has announced a partnership strategically to focus on the upcoming generation of cultural influencers.

The partnership is a part of Meek’s latest project, Culture Currency, which aims to grow his company while also identifying and assisting his network of artists, athletes, and entertainers so they can make the most of their cultural influence and expand their opportunities in the entertainment, brand, and business sectors.

WME will represent Meek in all capacities while collaborating to find potential talent to partner with or represent who, in turn, may have access to the agency’s resources and expansive worldwide network, which includes the film, television, music, books, internet, endorsements, and more industries.

“Meek Mill is one of the most influential voices shaping our culture today, whether it be in art, business, or social justice, and his network is equally impactful,” said Ari Greenburg, WME President. “This partnership will provide an important pipeline for WME to support future cultural influencers and to provide Meek with another platform to continue building his business.”

“The partnership between WME and Culture Currency is a strategic hybrid structure that will bring resources and opportunities to entertainers,” Meek Mill said. “I have grown and learned the business in an unorthodox way that is effective through relationships built on talent and creativity. As an entertainer, I see us as part of the first generation that truly has influence and connections spread throughout social justice, music, sports, the movie industry, politics, business and the tech world. Taking advantage of this opportunity will allow us to give others the same chance to catch their dreams. Thank you WME for opening the door to build this bridge.”