Meet Rising Artist “H.A.M”


Hamlet “H.A.M” Bent is a highly skilled IT professional and emcee hailing from Broward a.k.a “BrowHard” County, FL. He has multiple IT certifications from organizations such as Cisco, CompTIA, Linux Professional Institute, Google, and IBM. He has worked in the computer industry for many years and has held various positions with different companies throughout the United States. His work assignments have taken him all over the United States, and he has gained invaluable experience working with people of diverse backgrounds. Ham’s musical influences are truly global in scope, but his style is unmistakably east coast Boom Bap. He came up listening to some of the greatest rappers of all time, including Rakim, KRS One, O.C., Fat Joe, Wutang Clan, EPMD, MC Lyte Nas Jay Z , and many others

Some of H.A.Ms songs were just released this month, covering topics such as Cyber security, social engineering hacks, and computer/networking technologies. Be prepared, the usage of IT acronyms is heavy and it will help to have Google near by to look stuff up. Here is a list of tracks that have been released on Spotify along with a brief explanation on what they song is about:

Cyber Chicks H2102 is about social engineering involving spoofed accounts of models and also bit coin traders:

IOS flows is about networking technologies, routers and switches, and stuff you will see in the networking world.

Cyber security 101 is a story about the modern cyber security scenario. Involves exploits, ransomware, and what can be done to mitigate the attack:

Tech style is the first rhyme from H.A.M ever recorded. It’s garnered much respect on Rap Fame and involves explanations of networking protocols, Linux commands, the matrix at a certain point, and stuff pertaining to cyber security life:

Cyber Tai-chi is about computer and network technologies, stuff you will see in cyber space, and also how H.A.M learned about these topics:

Note: There is NO PROFANITY in the rhymes, safe for listeners of all ages. More info on the movement can be found at

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