Meet the Rising Star “DJ FUBU”


DJ FUBU is a popular Moroccan DJ, record executive, and producer known for contributing to the hip-hop and R&B music industry. Born Fariss Boukili in Oujda, Morocco, he began his career as a hip-hop DJ in Spain in the 2000s, started in small clubs, and now he’s playing in some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. known for his great scratching and mixing, He later moved on to produce and release his music, which has garnered him critical and commercial success. DJ FUBU has released numerous singles throughout his career, with many collaborations and supported by some of the biggest rappers and DJs in the hip-hop music industry like LACRIM, SCH, MAES, ALONZO, RIMK, MISTER YOU, DJ ABDEL, CUT KILLER, DJ SEM, L´ALGERINO, MORAD, KOBA LAD, BOOBA, and much more… DJ FUBU has now 10 million views on youtube, including all digital stores. DJ FUBU now has his record label, presenting and giving opportunities to new artists to start their music careers. also, he’s working on a new album coming sometime this summer before the tour starts. “j’espère que vous êtes prêts,” he told the media.

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