Megan Thee Stallion Countersued By 1501 Label Over Definition Of An ‘Album’


After dropping off Something For Thee Hotties last November, Megan Thee Stallion ultimately decided to sue her label 1501 Certified Entertainment after they claimed the project didn’t meet the legal definition of an “album” as per her contract.

Megan’s February lawsuit claimed Something For Thee Hotties, which was a collection of previously released B-sides and loosies, met the definition of an album. According to the documents, as reviewed by Pitchfork, Meg claimed the only “defining parameter” of an album under the terms of her contract was that it must have a runtime of 45 minutes. Something For Thee Hotties ran for 45 minutes and 2 seconds.

However, 1501 still refused to have the “Thot Shit” rapper claim the project as an album, and as of Monday (March 21) has now decided to countersue, claiming Meg hasn’t met the requirements of her contract and that she owes the label a lot more music. According to legal docs reviewed by TMZ, 1501 claims Something For Thee Hotties is a compilation of old material, writing the project is “made up of 21 records and includes spoken interlude recordings on which [Megan Thee Stallion] does not appear as well as several previously-released recordings.”

The label wrote that Meg is well aware of the noted stipulations, and additionally knows that 1501 must approve all the tracks before they appear on any project. 1501 claims Meg did not seek out the label’s approval before releasing Something For Thee Hotties.

The label demands a judge declare once and for all that Something For Thee Hotties is not an album, and that Meg additionally provides them with a cut from her “collaborations, sponsorships, endorsements, and side engagements” she’s been involved in, which they speculate could be worth over a million dollars.

Megan Thee Stallion has had recurring issues with her label over the years, taking to Instagram in 2020 to ridicule them for not allowing her to release new music and for refusing to renegotiate her contract. She then sued them later in 2020, demanding her contract be terminated. A judge granted her a temporary restraining order so she could release her project Suga, but she sued 1501 again in 2021 after they tried to prevent the release of her featured verse on BTS’s “Butter” remix. A judge granted her an injunction so the track could be released.