Megan Thee Stallion Tells Yung Miami She Thinks Fans Encourage Beef Between Female Artists


Megan Thee Stallion admitted to sizing up Cardi B when they first met, and said she believes fans encourage female rappers to feud with each other.

Meg was the latest guest on Yung Miami’s REVOLT TV talk show Caresha Please, and said her “WAP” collaborator remains a close friend and one of the easiest people she’s ever worked with.

“I love her, she’s so easy to work with, so fun to work with, it was just easy,” Megan said. “But when we first met we was both like, ‘We good? Everything okay?’ We was just trying to feel each other out but when we finally met in person I was like, ‘Ok like we good. You cool, I’m cool, let’s do it, and ever since then we just been cool.”

She continued, “I feel like this generation of girls is kinda reminding of how the girls was in the ’90s…it’s starting to get back like that. There’s no need for nobody to be mad at nothing. It’s pointless cause we all are different. Nobody rap like the City Girls and if you try and rap like City Girls it’s very apparent. Nobody rap like me, nobody rap like Cardi, nobody rap like Coi, nobody rap like nobody.

“We all got our own lane and I feel like that’s what’s so beautiful about us right now. I feel like it be the fans more so than anybody, they keep it up more than actual artists, and they got the world thinking something that’s not happening.”

“I feel at one point in time, they were trying to pit us against each other,” Miami chimed in, noting the “City Girl Summer vs. Hot Girl Sumer” debate that transpired in 2019.

“The power couple, they ain’t ever seen no shit like this before,” Meg added.

Megan Thee Stallion continued to lean into this flirty energy elsewhere in the interview and even said at one point she “liked” Yung Miami.

Yung Miami asked Meg if she likes girls and the Houston Hottie replied, “I mean, I like what I like…I like you.”

The City Girl said with a smile: “You do? You would fuck me?”

While the pair laughed it off, there were a few moments they seemed genuinely interested in each other, even going so far as to explain how they’d have sex.

Regardless, Megan Thee Stallion is dating Pardison Fontaine, and Yung Miami has been dating Diddy throughout the year. Still, both Meg and Miami have flirted with each other before, with Meg joking online that Yung Miami was her girlfriend and that she was “upset” Diddy and her were now a confirmed item.

“You got a man?!” Meg said of her reaction when she heard about the pair’s relationship. Yung Miami leaned into it and stroked Megan’s face.

“My girlfriend love you @theestallion [red heart emoji],” Yung Miami wrote.

Watch the full interview below, with the conversation about female rappers starting around the 19-minute mark.