Memphis Bleek Revives Verzuz Smoke With Juelz Santana: ‘He Better Be Ready’


Memphis Bleek is not letting Juelz Santana get away easy from their proposed Verzuz battle.

During a recent performance, the Roc-A-Fella rapper fired a warning shot at his former labelmate, letting him know he better be ready for what’s coming his way once the papers are signed and the ink is dry.

“Somebody tell that n-gga Juelz he better be fucking ready for this shit, you know what I mean,” Bleek said before taking a jab at Juelz poor Verzuz performance. “This shit real, n-gga. I don’t need no lyrics.”

Neither Swizz Beatz or Timbaland have made anything official, but by the looks of things, both Bleek and Juelz are hoping it comes to fruition with all the back-and-forth between them.

See Bleek’s latest comments below:

This whole squabble between Juelz Santana and Memphis Bleek started back when the former said there’s no competition between him and Bleek during his visit to Drink Champs. According to Juelz, their careers were very similar but he gets the edge for doing a lot more than Bleek.

“You can’t put me with him,” he said. “That’s just it. As far as protégés and shit like that, I mean, n-ggas may say something about Juelz ain’t go as far as he’s supposed to ’cause I’m really supposed to be where Lil Wayne is at, but I can’t put him next to me.”

Bleek responded on Twitter: “He said he want that smoke that’s been my G but he can get this [fire]. Haaa I love it hope it go down so he’ll see why he can’t feel his face much.”

Jim Jones eventually inserted himself into the mix, telling Bleek to tell the “big homie” JAY-Z to lace him up with some ice before he speaks down on Dipset.