Michael Blackson on Nick Cannon’s Kids: ‘I Can’t Wait for His 3,000 Grandchildren’


Michael Blackson views Nick Cannon’s extensive family as comedy gold.

The comedian spoke with TMZ about 50 Cent’s recent comments on Cannon and whether or not we should stop making fun of the host and father of 12.

“Nick gotta get his pull-out game going,” Blackson told the outlet. “He need to work on it. His pull-out game is as good as Joe Biden’s immune system.”

He continued, “Twelve kids! How you visit them, on FaceTime? You need to put everybody in one big building and move in there. … It’s tough visiting 12 kids.”

When asked if we should leave Cannon alone, Blackson referred to the 42-year-old as “permanent, lifetime material.”

“I’m a comedian—I’m never gonna leave Nick alone,” Blackson explained. He then brought up how, on Wild ‘N Out, Cannon would “roast” him. “Nick will forever be material for me,” Blackson added. “‘Cause his 12 kids gonna give him 3,000 grandkids. I can’t wait for his 3,000 grandchildren.”

Earlier this week, 50 Cent chatted with Forbes, and among the many topics of conversation that came up during his interview was how many kids he wants—and Cannon.

“I’m not going to have kids like that,” Fif said, referring to Cannon’s brood. “I don’t want the responsibility of that many women that you got to deal with emotionally, especially after they don’t feel like your friend anymore.” He then said, “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with Nick Cannon.”