Mike Dean Apologizes For Trolling BTS: ‘I Was Mad About Album Of The Year’


Mike Dean felt the wrath of one of social media’s most powerful fan bases when he teased the boy band BTS following their Grammy Awards performance on Sunday night (April 3). The production savant replied, “anyone” when the Recording Academy asked Twitter to name a group “smoother” than the K-pop dignitaries.

Once the BTS Army got wind of Dean’s comments, thousands filled his mentions on the attack until he ended up apologizing in what he described as just trolling on Tuesday morning (April 5) after his girlfriend made him feel bad about what he did.

“OK. SORRY TO BTS. JUST FUCKING TROLLING,” he wrote. “Ok folks. I was mad about album of the year and made a post I shouldn’t have made. My gf just made me feel bad for it.”

The Kanye West collaborator admitted he was frustrated to have his contributions to Donda up for Album of the Year and lose out to Jon Batiste’s We Are take home the trophy.

“Team travis and kanye. Get these Bts fans off my dick,” Dean continued to reply and anger the BTS army.

He even went after BTS by questioning their songwriting ability.

“It’s funny to read so many armys saying BTS members write ‘90% of their music’, based on a statement made a BigHit employee,” Dean wrote. “Hahahaha, there is no way BTS members have writen 90% of their music. Just check the writing credits of every single BTS album.”

Mike Dean eventually made amends with the BTS Army and explained how he’s open to collaborating with the group at a later date.