Missy Elliott Says Fans Have To Wait For Her To Do Verzuz


Verzuz has been delivering memorable battles and classic moments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The LOX and Dipset recently tore down the house during their showdown, and fans are waiting for the next installment in the popular series. 

People brought Missy Elliott’s name up several times in conversations regarding Verzuz, basically wondering who’d be the right opponent for the legendary artist. On Wednesday (August 4), Missy answered a fan on Twitter who was wondering if she would ever grace the platform. 

“Aww I am so Humbly Grateful but I think we will wait later on me,” Missy tweeted. “I just enjoy watching everyone else’s #verzuzbattle Vibing to all of their Classics & what they have done musically for the CULTURE! Respect to all of them last night was Epic btw.” 

Missy’s songs have been used by several artists who participated in Verzuz, but she has yet to make an appearance. The closest thing fans got to Missy being in a Verzuz is her pop-ups in the comment section of various battles. Other than that, she lets her peers handle the show. 

Although Missy is seen as a legend today, that wasn’t the case when she first started. On July 31, Missy shared a clip of Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled speaking on her influence in music, but she revealed not everyone welcomed her innovative style. 

“When i 1st came in the game people laughed at me doing sound effects in my music,” she tweeted. “I used to cry when they clowned me but then I kept doing wild sounds/crazy adlibs in my songs & people began to rock wit it. Years later those same sound effects are big in songs today.”