Mo’Nique Responds To D.L. Hughley & Announces She’s Joining Katt Williams’ Tour 


Mo’Nique has responded to D.L. Hughley after the comic accused her of lying about him in her viral Club Shay Shay interview earlier this week. 

The comedian discussed her issues with Hughley on the podcast, prompting him to respond in a lengthy Instagram rant. According to Hughley, he pulled a segment of his show after Mo’nique complained his co-hosts offended her. He claims this proves he wasn’t “dismissive,” as Mo’Nique alleged in her interview.  

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On Thursday (February 8), Mo’Nique took to Instagram Live alongside her husband, Sidney Hicks, to address the fallout from the interview. Despite Hughley’s claims, Mo’Nique insisted he only pulled the interview because she threatened legal action.  

The couple said that she told Hughley, “We gone’ have to get our attorney involved” after airing her complaints. However, Mo’Nique also confirmed it was “inaccurate” to say she had sent a cease and desist over the interview and said she misspoke on Club Shay Shay.  

Mo’Nique Clarifies Remarks About D.L. Hughley’s Daughter

Hughley also addressed their recent public spat over a contract dispute, which escalated and saw Mo’Nique accuse him of turning a blind eye to his daughter’s sexual abuse.  

“Monique’s a liar,” he said in his video response. “This broad even brought out my daughter’s personal trauma. My daughter was molested, and Monique bought that s### out and told the world that I allowed my daughter to be raped in front of me. The lying muthafucka.” 

In her Instagram Live, Mo’Nique denied ever accusing Hughley of standing by while his daughter was assaulted.  

“D.L. Hughley, that’s your conscience talking to you, brother; I never said that,’ she stated. “And I want to be clear about something else. Never would I try to do anything to harm any of your babies because we got babies, too. However, what I was saying to your daughter — and to the other daughters out there — I know what it’s like for your daddy to know you’ve been touched and he not protect you.” 

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Mo’Nique’s viral interview followed Katt Williams’s explosive Club Shay Shay appearance. During her Instagram Live, she confirmed she’s joining her non-biological “fraternal twin brother” on the Dark Matter Tour.  

“I’m excited,” Mo’Nique exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see y’all. Connecticut, I’ll see y’all tomorrow night.”