Mor-Industries Introduces Tusk Spirits, an Award-Winning Hemp Infused Spirit and Canned Cocktail Beverage Brand


Virginia-based women-owned minority business, Mor-Industries, is shaking up the alcoholic beverage industry with their innovative brand, Tusk Spirits. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a unique use of hemp seed as a key ingredient, Tusk Spirits has already won multiple awards and landed distributors in several states, including MD, VA, DC, FL, and CA.

The Tusk Spirits brand is a hundred years in the making, and its products reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The meticulous distilling process and high-quality ingredients used to craft the spirits ensure that every bottle delivers a unique and memorable flavor experience. The brand’s use of hemp seed as a key ingredient sets it apart from other brands in the market and offers a range of new and exciting flavor profiles.

Mor-Industries President, Stephon Morton, inherited land from his ancestors that led to the creation of the Tusk Spirits brand. The company’s dedication to quality and sustainability is reflected in its product range, which includes Tusk Vodka, Tusk Rum, and canned cocktails.

Tusk Vodka, made from a 100% corn mash bill and infused with hemp seed, is a distinct combination of savory and sweet flavors. The hemp seed infusion adds a unique flavor profile that is intertwined, creating a perfectly blended spirit that is perfect for any cocktail.

Tusk Rum is another iteration in the hemp seed flavored spirit realm. This innovative spirit is a magnificent combination of light notes of rich molasses, nuttiness of the hemp seed, and H2O sourced from the Shenandoah Mountains. The hemp seed infusion provides a distinctive smoothness that sets this spirit apart from others.

Indulge your taste buds in an unforgettable adventure with Tusk Spirit’s Stampede. Made with Tusk Vodka, this one-of-a-kind cocktail combines savory and sweet flavors infused from hemp seed and a 100% corn mash bill, along with the zing of ginger and the tang of lime. The result is a perfectly blended drink where unique flavors come together in harmony. With every sip of Tusk Spirit’s Stampede, you’ll experience a flavor sensation that’s both bold and refined.

Indulge in the rich and smooth taste of Tusk Spirit’s Trunk Punch, a unique canned cocktail made with Tusk Rum. The innovative combination of flavors includes the nuttiness of hemp seed, light notes of rich molasses, and the tropical sweetness of passion fruit and mango. The hemp seed infusion provides a distinctive smoothness that sets this cocktail apart from the rest. The result is a perfectly balanced and delicious drink that’s perfect for any rum lover.

Mor-Industries has already achieved several milestones in its entrepreneurship journey, including creating the Tusk Spirits brand, winning multiple spirit awards, and completing over $20,000 in sales in its first year. The company’s short-term goals include continuing to produce and sell quality products while increasing sales, while its long-term goals include expanding to foreign markets.

As a women-owned minority business, Mor-Industries is committed to building a brand that is inclusive, sustainable, and innovative. The company’s commitment to quality and sustainability, along with its unique use of hemp seed as a key ingredient, has already earned the brand a place in the market and media attention. The brand is also committed to increasing its presence in retail stores while continuing to produce unique spirits and canned cocktail beverages.

In conclusion, Tusk Spirits is a brand that offers a unique and memorable flavor experience, crafted with high-quality ingredients and a meticulous distilling process. With its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity, Tusk Spirits is a brand that stands

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