More Mature Movement Launches Bundle Boyz & Bundle Girlz: A Community-Centered Corporation


More Mature Movement, a group of young entrepreneurs from different parts of the United States, has recently launched Bundle Boyz & Bundle Girlz, a brand that aims to promote positivity, creativity, and financial freedom among the community. The concept behind the brand dates back to ancient times, and it welcomes everyone to participate in creating positive merchandise, a healthy environment, and meals.

Young adults aged 19 and under are invited to Garden State Radio, More Mature Music Studio, Love Zone FM, and Studio Plug Memphis, where they will learn various skills, such as interviewing, shooting videos, directing commercials and movies, audio engineering, mixing, creating and designing logos and websites, and QR code placement. They will also have the opportunity to record and release music for profit and grow their clientele through relationship building. With faith anything is possible and fear blocks any progression and stagnates growth.

The Private Network in New Jersey has sponsored Bundle Boyz, and now the young generation will be the CEOs and CFOs of a corporation that leads their own generation through health, wealth, positivity, and constant growth. This movement promotes innovation, exploration, and unity among communities, rather than separation.

Jersey City, known as the most diverse city in America, will lead the way to show unity and promote peaceful and loving communities. People taking care of the people is the motto of this movement, and with sponsors such as Unheard Voices, Faith Over Fear, and Sankt Gutmann Club, it is evident that the community is coming together to support this cause.

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Moreover, More Mature Movement has over 40 underground artists who support this movement and are looking for sponsors to sponsor each artist to go on a 50 State Tour at the end of 2023 to spread peace, love, and unity in the United States through music, art, dance, poetry, painting, sculpturing, and martial arts.

Finally, Mayors Youth Organizations will lead the youth sports and drama club department as part of this non-profit organization, promoting the development of young people in various fields. More Mature Movement believes that “iron sharpens iron” and that everyone can achieve success together.