Mystikal’s Lawyer Confident Rapper Will Be Cleared In Rape Case


Mystikal‘s lawyer has spoken out on his client’s latest case and is very confident the rapper will beat the sexual assault charge levied against him.

Joel Pearce, an attorney who previously represented the rapper when he faced similar rape and kidnapping charges in 2020, said he doesn’t believe the current rape and kidnapping charges against the former No Limit rapper will stick.

“I think there’s zero chance this goes to trial,” Pearce told Billboard while driving back to Shreveport from the Ascension Parish jail where Mystikal is being housed.

Pearce had previously represented Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) following an arrest in 2017, when he was accused of first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping. Police claimed the “Shake Ya Ass” rapper and 26-year-old Averweone Holman allegedly raped a woman in downtown Shreveport in 2016. All charges were eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The New Orleans rapper was arrested in his home state of Louisiana on Sunday afternoon (July 31) and charged with multiple felonies including first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery, strangulation and robbery.

The incident involving a woman at his home in Prairieville allegedly transpired on Saturday night (July 30). Arrest warrants obtained by WBRZ News claimed that Mystikal accused the female acquaintance of stealing $100 cash from him, and that when she denied the allegation he allegedly punched her, choked her and pulled out her braids.

Mystikal then allegedly confiscated her keys and phone to prevent her from leaving, and as a result, was also charged with two additional misdemeanors of false imprisonment and criminal damage to property worth less than $1,000 upon his arrest.

The unidentified victim claimed she began scouring Mystikal’s home to try and find the missing cash to calm the rapper down and told deputies the rapper appeared unhinged. At one moment he would be scolding her over the missing money; the next he’d be apologizing and asking her to pray with him.

During their search, the victim alleged to officers that she also discovered a “crystalline substance” in one of the rapper’s drawers, which deputies believe was likely meth. It’s claimed Mystikal then asked the victim if he could “feel” her, but when she said no, he allegedly pushed her onto a bed and raped her.

During a bond hearing held by State District Judge Steven Tureau on Tuesday (August 2) afternoon, WBRZ News reported that Mystikal shook his head in disbelief throughout the hearing held by the Ascension Parish judge, and continued to do so as a detective detailed the alleged rape in full.

Judge Tureau denied Mystikal’s bond, claiming evidence against the rapper, his past history and the victim’s fears were enough to convince him to be held without bail.

The rapper’s defense attorney at the time Roy Maughan Jr., who had initially asked for the $250,000 bond, told The Advocate his client wouldn’t appeal the ruling.