Naomi Osaka and Cordae Laugh Off Rumors of Their Break Up


Naomi Osaka and Cordae are making light of rumors they broke up. Across social media this week, rumors spread the tennis star and rapper had called it quits, but a source close to Osaka has put that to bed, citing they are “better than ever.”

Adding on to the report, Osaka hit Twitter and let of a image of the couple in their downtime poking fun at rumors.

At the top of the year, Osaka celebrated Cordae releasing his sophomore album From a Bird’s Eye View: ” Getting closer to someone and seeing how much love and dedication they put into their craft is truly inspiring. Makes you feel like some people are born to do certain things, @cordae you’re a star and a light, quite literally brighten up every room you walk in (or maybe it’s your hair lol). Congratulations on your 2nd album, proud of you ❤️”