Nas Envisions Outpour Of Ideas Sparked By Hip-Hop 50: “This Is The Seed”


Nas, one of the key figures behind Mass Appeal’s Hip-Hop 50, believed the celebration will inspire much more than a bit of nostalgia. The acclaimed rapper shared his thoughts on what’s next for Hip-Hop after its 50th anniversary in an interview with Billboard.

“It’s going to feed us and teach us, and we’ll re-learn what the culture is,” he said. “We read the history books of it, so to speak. We see the artists that were here before us, and we think about it. It sits with us, and we marinate on it. We think, ‘What does this mean?’ The ideas that will pour from it are because it has given back to us. You have to know your history.”

Nas added, “I think incredible ideas on every level are going to happen, from filmmakers to writers and producers. I think that this is the seed to open up all different types of ideas for years to come.”

The conversation also featured Nas challenging fellow rappers from his era to drop new music. He hoped to see his contemporaries go on runs like his string of projects with Hit-Boy.

“I want more people to join me from my era,” he said. “Release your records and work hard on them s####. I want to hear how people feel, and I want to hear their art. I don’t want to hear the trends, I want to hear the art. Express it, do it and be free. That’s what I’m trying to give to the game now.”

Last month, Nas released Magic 2 with Hit-Boy. The album featured 11 tracks and a guest appearance by 50 Cent.

Listen to the 50 Cent collaboration below.