Nia Long Will Receive $32,500 a Month From Ime Udoka in Child Support Custody Settlement


Udoka’s travel commitments as the head coach for the Houston Rockets was also allegedly considered in the settlement. The minor will split his time 95 percent living with Long in Los Angeles, California and the remaining five percent with Udoka as part of their reported timeshare agreement with the option of reasonable visitation.

Other details in The Blast’s report suggests that the Boyz n The Hood actress will be in charge of decision-making authority in case of disagreements with advance notice to her ex-husband, with the exception of routine and emergency medical matters.

Last August, it was reported that Long had filed for primary custody of their son and claimed that Udoka was not providing sufficient support for their child. The initial filing included some visitation rights for the father.

The couple had been together for 13 years until late 2022. Allegations of an affair between Udoka and a female team staffer during his time with the Boston Celtics played a role in the split.

“I had a really public breakup recently,” Long said in a conversation with Jeezy on YouTube. “It was a wakeup call for me in the sense of like, ‘OK, you’re going to do this on your own and you’re going to be fine and you’re not going to worry about what anyone thinks and has to say.'” 

“The relationship was rocky for a very long time,” she added. “I don’t believe another person can break anyone up.”

In April, Udoka assumed the role of head coach for the Houston Rockets after his dismissal from the Celtics.