Nicki Minaj Accused Of Dissing Latto On “Pink Friday 2” 


Nicki Minaj had fans in a chokehold after finally sharing Pink Friday 2, her first full-length offering in thirteen years. 

The NYC icon’s 22-track featured packed project arrived at midnight Friday (December 8), and listeners were lapping it up. Naturally, Nicki Minaj quickly became the No. 1 trending topic in the country. 

However, one Pink Friday 2 song in particular, “Falling 4 U,” gathered much of the attention, with social media users highlighting a perceived diss to Latto on the track.  

“SHE JUST DISSED LATTO AND SAID HER NAME….disrespectful Nicki ain’t holding s### back omg!” wrote one Nicki Minaj fan.  

The “Falling 4 You” lyric in question was highly debated on the timeline.  

In the third verse, Nicki raps: “Picture not listenin’ when I said that you would dread that.” The alleged shot at Latto comes in the next line, where Nicki Minaj says something that sounds like: “I mean Latto, you-you’s a chop ho.”  

However, others pointed out Nicki was continuing the “dread” theme with a play on words, saying, “I mean loc’d hoe” 

Listen to “Falling 4 U” at the end of the page and check out some of the reactions below.  

Nicki Minaj and Latto engaged in a highly-publicized feud last year that began as a dispute over Grammy nominations but quickly turned heated. The insults flew back and forth, and the beef continued to simmer.  

Latto discussed the perceived beef among female rappers during an XXL interview last month.  

“I think it really don’t be a problem until we let fans, Stans, whatever you want to call them, like the outsiders once they get in the mix. I think that’s what stirs the pot,” she explained. “Because it’s like, we will all be fans of each other and commenting and following each other, whatever, but then once they get to comparing, they will turn us against each other, which is very weak-minded of us as female rappers.”