Nicki Minaj Driven To Drink During Hilarious Appearance On Kai Cenat Livestream 


After going viral following a comical Instagram Live session with Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, Nicki Minaj pulled up to meet him in person with hilarious results. 

Cenat was kept waiting indefinitely after the Queen of Rap delayed while on her press run to promote her Pink Friday 2 album. 

“Kai gone have to wait,” she explained as she prepared for her Funny Marco interview. “I hope Mama Kai and Sister Kai is there. That’s who I’m really coming to see to give them their gifts.” 

Although Cenat threw a little fit, his patience paid off as Minaj eventually arrived to grace the golden throne he got for her.  

Entering to the sounds of PF2 cut “FTCU,” Nicki Minaj twerked against the throne before showing off some moves for the audience.  

As promised, Kai Cenat brought his Trinidadian mother and twin sister to meet Nicki Minaj. It wasn’t long before island music took over the playlist with disastrous consequences. Check out the clip below. 

While acknowledging Cenat tried to be an attentive host, Nicki Minaj only gave his hospitality a 5 out of 10. 

After chastising him for yelling, Cenat dutifully obliged when Minaj asked her to bring him a drink to help her cope with his “annoying” tendencies. 

“Put some alcohol in a plastic cup that’s clean,” Minaj directed before telling Cenat to add a lot of juice. “Because I’m not an alcohol person but I might need it dealing with you because you’re very annoying.” Although he tried to protest, the NYC icon playfully ignored him before asking for help connecting to the internet.