Nicki Minaj Says Megan Thee Stallion Milked Tory Lanez Shooting For “Rihanna Moment”


Nicki Minaj continued attacking Megan Thee Stallion in a Twitter Spaces hosted by Joe Budden on Wednesday (January 31). Nicki claimed Megan exploited the Tory Lanez shooting, negatively comparing Megan’s situation to the way Rihanna handled being a domestic violence victim.

“Now you go on Gayle King,” Nicki said. “To be honest, it’s so obvious. She wanted a Rihanna moment so bad … Here’s the thing—Rihanna is just known for being herself. You get what you see. You see what you get, you get what you see type of vibe. I’m not talking about anything personally. I’m not talking about anything anyone spoke to me about. I’m saying that’s what we know Ri as. So, Rihanna never would milk something like [that]. You could tell she couldn’t wait to get that part of her—you could tell she couldn’t wait to move on with her life. You understand?”

She continued, “And then people even bashed her for not dragging it out, not milking it. And she was just like … I just wanna move on with my life now, yo. You know why? Because Rihanna knows that she was a superstar with or without controversy. She’s beautiful with or without controversy. She’s loved with or without controversy—I’m sorry, sympathy … But when you need constant f###### sympathy and then you get on social media and tell somebody, ‘Ain’t nobody gonna respond to me.’ Then when people responded to you, you go mute. And then try to stop my song from coming out. If Nicki Minaj had done any of those things, all y’all would have a lot to say.”

Nicki claimed her beef with Megan was more than a feud between two rappers. Nicki said she was fighting “a bunch of different machines” trying to ruin her career. The Republic Records artist believed Megan was the latest pawn in a long-running smear campaign.

Megan faced Nicki’s wrath after dropping the “HISS” single on January 26. The track featured lyrics widely assumed to be referencing Nicki’s husband, who is a registered sex offender. Nicki responded by dropping a diss track titled “Big Foot” and repeatedly targeting Megan in social media rants.