NLE Choppa Claims He’s The ‘Hottest Youngin’ Since NBA YoungBoy – With Stats To Back It Up


NLE Choppa believes he’s one of the hottest rappers making music at the moment. The Memphis rapper released his new single “Yak Flow” on Friday (April 1), spitting in the first verse, “The hottest youngin since YB/The hottest out my city.”

Taking to Twitter on Sunday night (April 3), NLE Choppa cleared up his words about following in the footsteps of NBA YoungBoy’s success while listing a bunch of his accomplishments at a young age.

“I’m 19, I blew up at 16, Sitting On 15 Platinum & Gold Plaques, Over 5 Billion Streams WORLDWIDE, Got My Own Record Label With 3 FIRE Artists And Producer, Ran Up Over 10Ms, Own Masters,” he wrote. “Thats What ‘Hottest Youngin Since YB’ Mean. Not A Shoutout, JUST FACTS. Name another 19YR OLD.”

NLE Choppa was involved in a scuffle with an alleged NBA YoungBoy fan at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in January, with YoungBoy appearing to take shots at Choppa on his song “Know Like I Know” days later. Earlier that month, NLE Choppa co-signed a Lil Reese tweet that claimed NBA YoungBoy was “just rapping like the rest of these rappers all rap” shortly after YoungBoy dissed King Von, as opposed to Akademiks saying he’s “on demon time.”

“It wasn’t ever with me picking a side,” Choppa told Akademiks during an appearance on his Off the Record podcast. “Honestly, bruh, I barely read what Lil Reese said. I just know what he was saying was siding with my boy [King] Von. If you would’ve asked me what Lil Reese tweeted, I wouldn’t be able to speak it word-for-word. I wouldn’t be able to tweet the whole tweet. At the end of the day, that wasn’t the purpose behind [my response]. Being on the side or just trying to be in some shit, it was just off the simple fact that brother don’t be able to defend his name.”

He continued, “I just feel like, with street stuff, if you did it, if that was your work, speak freely of it. Speak highly of it. You got every right to do it. That was your shit, that was your work, do it. But, like, certain stuff be coming from outsiders that wasn’t even there when certain shit happened… I just don’t respect that part of it.”

NLE Choppa released the self-directed video for “Yak Flow” on Saturday (April 2). Check it out below.