NYC-Based Artist Shwensdz Announces New Music Video “Money Play”


From pop to Hip-Hop and R&B, you name it, Brooklyn, NY-bred artist Shwensdz can do it all with striking excellency. After releasing “Barky Back” and “Plug It In,” the young Shwensdz announced his upcoming production, a powerful song that will bear the title, “Money Play”. 

Set to drop alongside a music video, this new release has already generated a strong excitement among Shwensdz’ fans and beyond. 

Born in 1992, Shwensdz attended the “It Takes A Village Academic” at “Tilden High School in Brooklyn, New York,” before continuing his education at the Borough Manhattan Community College (BMCC), located in the center of New York, NY. 

His passion for music led him to drop-out of University to find the time and space to dedicate himself fully to music. 

He started music at 11 years old, and never stopped honing his craft since. His cross-genre approach to music is one of his strongest assets, so make sure to stream the young talent’s latest sounds, “Barky Back” and “Plug It In” until the new music video for “Money Play” comes out!