OTR Big 4 is Atlanta’s Hottest Upcoming Artist


The music industry has been looking for who will be next to take over the game and Atlanta has found him. 

OTR Big 4 takes Atlanta by surprise with his recent rise on the music scene through 2023.

His melodic street tales of his life have a way of bringing you into his struggle and pain while metaphorically he shows his artistic skills of writing. 

According to his manager Rocki Patrice, she states:

“He has a special element of who he genuinely is on and off the camera. From how he’s holding down his family, managing being a father to both his children and how he prioritizes his music career.” 

She goes on to say: “the talent is well beyond the music. He has a it factor in every aspect of his life, as if he was hand picked to be in his position by God. You know….like a CHOSEN CHILD.” 

He has collaborated on shows, music and events with many respected faces in the industry. 

The legendary record breaking Biggah Rankin called him the real Big 4 and stated he is next up in a video seen on social media. 

His first release of 2023 is highly anticipated.  “Fed up” OUT NOW!!! on all digital platforms  Keep up with big 4 by clicking the link below:


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