Pap3r Signs New Deal With The Music Business Academy


Hailing from Alabama, rapper Pap3r recently inked a new deal with The Music Business Academy and Juice. With a sound that diversifies trap music and lyrical hip hop together, you can easily guess why Pap3r is being recognized by some of the best A&Rs in the music industry. “Pap3r impressed my ears the moment I was sent his music. I could hear his talent in painting pictures but still having the ability to make a hit on the same song. That takes a ton of skill and natural ability”, A&R Director of The Music Business Academy, Juice says.

IMG-3716-281x500 Pap3r Signs New Deal With The Music Business Academy

Juice continues, “We’ve already recorded some classics that I’m excited to get out into the world. I feel like we have a similar vibe of music that we like to create, so the chemistry works perfectly. I can trust that when he goes into the studio booth, he’ll put his all into it both lyrically and deliverance wise.”

IMG-3714-500x281 Pap3r Signs New Deal With The Music Business Academy

After signing a new deal with an upcoming music mogul like Juice, Pap3r’s position as an artist to look out for has now been established. Will Pap3r become Alabama’s next superstar? Can Pap3r become a leader of the next generation of music? And after signing a huge deal with one of the biggest A&Rs in the music industry – will Pap3r blow in 2023? We’ll see, and we’ll definitely be watching.

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