Papii Red’s overtake


Papii Red is an upcoming independent artist from LA. His style can be best described as unique and adaptable. He’s released different genres of music throughout the years showing his versatility on a variety of beats along side plenty of features to show his collaborative skills. His most recent release “Misfits” ft. Parker Simms has accumulated over 20 thousand streams over the past few weeks reaching countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and much more. Doing shows in LA, Oxnard, Ventura area is allowing him to perfect his craft to one day go on tour.

He said “i’m focused on marketing at the moment and trying to get my name out there more to gain a bigger audience so i can headline my own shows one day.” In a recent podcast. He also says his upcoming release “Code Red” Ft. D34N is coming soon to all platforms around mid April. Out of the new upcoming artist from the Los Angeles area Papii Red is someone I think has huge potential and should be on your radar.

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