Paul Pierce “Clears The Air” With Cam’ron And Mase About the Infamous “Poop” Game


In a recent episode of Cam’ron and Mase’s hit sports talk show, “It Is What It Is,” NBA legend Paul Pierce addressed the infamous “Wheelchair Game” incident from the 2008 NBA Finals.


The incident, which has been the subject of speculation and rumors for years, involved Pierce being wheeled off the court during Game 1 of the finals due to an apparent injury.

Paul Pierce sparked nasty rumors after alluding that he pooped in his pants during a “sit down” with ESPN. There has been speculation ever since.

Pierce, however, revealed on the show that there was no bathroom emergency.

“First of all, I didn’t s### in the finals, and I’m tired of this narrative talking about I s### in the finals, and I got a wheelchair ’cause I s###.”

The revelation on “It Is What It Is” debunked long-standing rumors that Pierce’s sudden exit had more to do with a bathroom incident than an injury.

Despite Pierce’s attempt to clarify the situation, the controversy surrounding the “Wheelchair Game” intrigues fans and analysts alike.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: the truth about The Truth’s infamous exit may never be fully known.