Paula Patton Sparks Media Outrage Following a Video Tutorial Frying Chicken


Every household has its do’s and dont’s in the kitchen. It seems as though Paula Patton is getting roasted online following her homemade fried chicken recipe. The successful actress is known for roles in movies such as 2 Guns, Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol, and more posted a video to Instagram where she shows fans how she gets down in the kitchen.

The 5-minute video tutorial, posted last month, has made its rounds on social media, going viral on TikTok after social media users reposted the video with some questions.

Social media users teased how the ex-wife of Robin Thicke prepared her chicken. In a viral clip circulating the internet, Patton puts her chicken into the hot oil and then adds her seasonings while the chicken is in the pot. Patton also shared that she likes her fried chicken to be a bit “salty,” which drove the media into a frenzy.

Check out the step-by-step cooking tutorial and commentary below.