Polo G Reveals He Almost Overdosed


Polo G took to Instagram on Thursday (March 31) to celebrate a massive milestone. The Ryan Lynch-directed visual for his blockbuster hit “Heartless” had just broken 100 million views, and while the Chicago lyricist was excited by the accomplishment, he admitted that period in time wasn’t his healthiest.

“Back story Fa Dat video I was Fresh out the hospital bed From almost overdosing Onnem pills,” Polo G wrote on his Instagram Story. “I pop right back out & Shoot Dat Video now dat Bitch Platinum w 100ms By it.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time the 23-year-old rapper experimented a little too heavily with drugs. He was previously hospitalized in 2019 for getting “too lit,”  posting photos of his hospital wristband and IV on Instagram.

“I gat a lil too lit last night & woke up Inna Emergency Room almost lost my Life,” Polo shared via Instagram. “Ma Pops made sure I was straight & back on my square On Gucci ion take that For Granted love dat man to death.”

“Heartless” marks Polo G’s fourth video to break 100 million views, following in the footsteps of “Rapstar,” “Pop Out” and “Finer Things.” The new milestone has only reaffirmed Polo G’s talent as a rapper and he’s made sure to heavily reap his well-deserved spoils in 2022. Polo closed out 2021 with a gold record, and bought a $4.8 million mansion in Los Angeles, followed by a 5-figure-run at fashion brand Amiri to celebrate.

Polo posted the receipt from the shopping spree to Instagram showing that $18,880 was spent just on clothes alone but due to the $1,676 charged for taxes, the Chicago rapper ended up spending over $20,000 at the store.

“Just did a dub in the Amiri store my bday onna pull up,” Polo wrote. Point is, it’s good to see Polo G is doing better than he was.

Revisit “Heartless” below.