"Posthumous Release: Chinx’s ‘Cocaine Riot 7’"


A new posthumous album from the late American rapper Chinx has been unveiled. The latest installment in the ‘Cocaine Riot’ series, “Cocaine Riot 7”, arrives on the music scene, continuing the legacy of the talented artist.

Before his untimely passing in 2015, Chinx had left an indelible mark in the hip-hop community. Known for his vivid storytelling and distinctive style, the Queens-bred rapper left behind a collection of work that has continued to resonate with fans even years after his departure.

The ‘Cocaine Riot’ series has been a crucial part of Chinx’s discography, showcasing the evolution of his artistry over time. The latest, ‘Cocaine Riot 7’, seeks to continue this narrative. The release stands as a testament to Chinx’s enduring impact in the industry and offers fans the opportunity to experience new facets of his creativity.

Unveiling ‘Cocaine Riot 7’ adds to Chinx’s already remarkable discography and maintains his presence in the realm of hip-hop. This release underscores the ongoing admiration for his artistry, keeping his legacy alive and further solidifying his impact on the genre.