Premiere: Bai Feat. SG Blackboy Cal & 2051 Paper – Thug Love [Music Video]


Get ready for the next wave of Hip Hop superstars because FTR Records just dropped a new collab track and a music video that’s about to take over the hip hop scene by storm. “Thug Love (T.L.)” is the latest release from this hot Atlanta-based label, featuring the raw talents of BAI, SG BlackBoy Cal, and 2051 Paper. The music video is directed by Nimi Hendrix and exec producer George Howard, def made sure the visuals were stunning.

With their previous hits like “OODLES & NOODLES” and “Even,” 2051 Paper and SG BlackBoy Cal have already established themselves as forces to be reckoned with. Now, they’re teaming up with BAI, whose powerhouse vocals take this love track to the next level.

“Thug Love (T.L.)” is a modern-day love story that’s both beautiful and broken, reflecting the real struggles and triumphs of relationships. BAI’s stunning vocals transport listeners back to the old school R&B and Hip Hop days, while 2051 Paper and SG BlackBoy Cal’s sick flow keeps the energy going strong.

FTR Records is all about pushing the culture forward, and “Thug Love (T.L.)” is a testament to the label’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of Hip Hop. With this release, FTR Records and its artists are poised to take the scene by storm, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this powerhouse team.

Don’t miss out on “Thug Love (T.L.)” – it’s a game-changer and a sign of big things to come from FTR Records and its rising stars.

Get ready to ride the wave of the future of Hip Hop. Peep the video below: