Premiere: Don Modus Shines In Raw & Authentic Dapp Fetti-Produced Single “Big Time”


Don Modus, the promising Hip Hop artist and songwriter from NYC, drops another killer track called “Big Time.” Produced by the talented Dapp Fetti, the new single takes center stage with its raw flow and authentic beats. The follow-up to “East 2 West” comes with an accompanying music video that complements the song’s genuine and unfiltered style.

“Big Time” reflects Modus’ unapologetic confidence and natural born talent. The artist takes pride in his success, proclaiming that he’s “reaching for the stars.” Don takes a bold stance in his latest release, referring to himself as both a “trapper and a rapper,” while sending a clear message to his haters and to all those who may doubt him. He says that some may see him as an angel, and others may call him the devil.

Modus kicks off the song flaunting some mad rapping skills: “Coming off the top, my flow raw like I’m Pablo/ trapper and a rapper, women say they love the combo/ Calling me a Angel while my opps yell out diablo’ Chip up on my shoulder but I swear this ain’t no nacho/ Money over hoes yea you know I rep the motto/ Show you how it goes, choose my bro before a thot yo/ All about the family like my last name soprano/ Every move I make, modus gang came with the follow.”

Don Modus has already established himself as a rising star with bangers like “Peter Pan,” “Clap For Me,” and “Modus Man.” In addition to being a talented Hip Hop artist, he’s a successful entrepreneur and fashion designer. With his own clothing line, Collective, the young talent has been dropping fly gear for the past four years. 

With these building blocks in place, he has laid a strong foundation for what appears to be a highly promising career. His latest track, “Big Time,” takes his repertoire to new heights, further cementing his status as a prominent and influential figure of the scene.

Watch the official video for “Big Time” below:

Listen to “Big Time” here: