Premiere: Pnpmar Is The Rapper Behind The Two New Joints, “Fire” & “Pain”


Rapper, songwriter, and versatile urban artist Pnpmar has just dropped his two latest joints, “Fire” and “Pain.” Both started as freestyles in his own bedroom during the pandemic, and describe the experience of feeling depression and pain on a daily basis, and which events caused this state. Pnpmar’s struggles are what triggered this creative response from the young artist. “Fire” is more focused on​ how people challenge his character and creative process, and how this only gives him more strength to prove everybody wrong. A tortured soul often creates great art, which is exactly the case for Pnpmar who seems to constantly turn the negative emotions into fiery and sophisticated raps. From betrayal to conflict, pain and depression, he is just like us; the only difference is that he expresses it all impressively through his own unique signature sound and style.