Quando Rondo’s 1st Show Since King Von Murder Attended By 50 People


Things haven’t been going so well for Quando Rondo since his involvement in King Von’s murder in November 2020. He’s been struggling to book shows due to club promoters and venues wanting to avoid any drama that comes with the troubled rapper.

Over the weekend though, Quando Rondo managed to have a show at The Vibe Event Center in Waycross, Georgia but it wasn’t what he hoped for.

In the video clips shared online, Quando Rondo is performing on stage with a rather large entourage. Everything looks normal as fans in the front of the crowd have their phones out trying to capture footage of the rapper.


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But when the camera swings to the back of the venue, it’s completely empty. The attendance was so small that Rondo took time out of his performance to address the situation.

“I ain’t gon’ lie,” he said. ”My shows really be deeper than this, but I know a n-gga got a lot of shit going on, you feel me? But I still appreciate everybody who came out. Ima rock this bitch like it’s 10,000 people in here.”

Quando Rondo closed the show mid-performance when the footage showed someone from his team grabbing him and exiting the venue. Thanks to his involvement and his response following that fateful night, Rondo will be dealing with this for a while.

Last month, the Savannah rapper took to Instagram Live to discuss the problems he’s having with booking shows.

“I can’t do no shows ’cause y’all keep this internet shit going,” he said. “Every time I do get a show booked or something, the promoter calling back. ‘Oh, the police station threatening the venue. They saying if something go down Ima lose my club license. Send my money back, this and that. Can we try this again in a couple months. Time heals everything.’ This ’cause of y’all folks.”