Rap Music Proven To Benefit Surgeons In The Operating Room


Heidelberg, Germany – Researchers at Heidelberg University Medical School in Germany have discovered rap music can benefit surgeons’ performances in the operating room.

According to the Daily Mail, a study was carried out looking into the effects of surgeons listening to different genres such as Hip Hop, classical, rock and mixed radio music. Their findings suggested Hip Hop and classical music makes surgeons more efficient, while rock and radio music is less effective.

For the study, 82 medical students were monitored as they performed keyhole surgery, which involves accessing the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without making large incisions in the skin. Results showed students who were exposed to music at a constant sound level of 70 decibels performed better than those listening to no music at all.

Fabian Riedel, who led the study, said, “Our findings suggest that certain genres of music may have benefits for students during surgical training, which could make the process more efficient.”

Music was introduced to operating theaters in 1914 to reduce anxiety in patients, but patients are now placed under anaesthetic outside the theater and music is there to help staff instead. Many new suites even have docking stations, MP3 players and portable speakers available.

Hip Hop head surgeons now have good reason to play the most famous Hip Hop doctor Dr. Dre, or even Lil Wayne’s “Dr. Carter,” with lyrics like “Let me put my gloves on, and my scrubs on/Dr. Carter to the rescue” soundtracking their workday.

The operating room isn’t the only environment rap music has proven to benefit. During a recent study, behavioral science consultancy CX Lab and car insurance company U Switch found a combination of Hip Hop and coffee resulted in better reaction times while driving.