Raw Talent + Hard Work: KatchUp Released A New Single “Vini”


How many artists do you know who created genres? Many talented musicians can mix different sound elements into one piece. Brooklyn, NY-based Haitian-American DJ, producer, and Engineering Graduate KatchUp created his own new genre that he named Ayimove. The artist wants to make Haitian music popular worldwide and, in search of catchy, unique sound formulas, developed a completely new genre. 

Music has always been an integral part of KatchUp’s life since he was a kid. The rising phenomena’s father was taking young KatchUp with him to gigs around their hometown. It was around that period that the artist realized his passion for music. He was always able to create his own aesthetics through music, and as time passed by, KatchUp grew as a promising artist, polishing his raw talent. His latest release, “Vini,” is the demonstration of his hard work, devotion to the craft of music-making and a song that showcases the range of the artist’s sound beautifully. You can hear the song below: