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Residente’s Finale Diss Track “Bajo y Batería” A Last Jab at Cosculluela


Residente, the Puerto Rican rap sensation, has released his purportedly final diss track, “Bajo y Batería”, intensifying his feud with Cosculluela. Released on July 13, this diss track comes after a teaser where Residente hinted at his comeback, reminiscing about his previous tiraera, “Cosquillita,” targeted at Cosculluela.

The music video for “Bajo y Batería” comes a year after Residente first took aim at Cosculluela with “Cosquillita.” In an engaging teaser for the track, Residente revealed, “I wrote a tiraera last October, and I never got a response, y pues… nothing happened.” This statement set the stage for what Residente proclaims as the last tiraera of his career, another lyrical jab at Cosculluela.

The track sees Residente delivering an almost 10-minute long tirade against Cosculluela. Prefacing his lyrical onslaught, Residente remarks in Spanish, “Cosculluela, here’s your mention so that you can pay your pension.” He then addresses Cosculluela’s legal issues; in March, Cosculluela pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges involving his former partner, Jennifer Fungenzi. Residente tackles these charges and Cosculluela’s subsequent attempts to reform his image through religious devotion. He raps, “No matter how much you pray, pigs like you don’t go to heaven.”

J Balvin, another artist Residente targeted last year, does not escape mention in the track. He quips, “Balvin’s fans are still hurting.”

Fans of Residente eagerly welcomed the new tiraera, expressing their excitement on social media. One Twitter user lauded the track in Spanish, saying, “The tiraera was f**king awesome.” They continued, “This is what I expected from Residente…not the pastelillo he threw first.” Echoing the sentiment, another user added, “This time, Residente dished it out like we’re accustomed to. Now this is a tiraera,” further amplifying the anticipation and exhilaration surrounding the release.

With “Bajo y Batería, Residente again asserts his lyrical prowess, marking a heated and memorable chapter in his ongoing feud with Cosculluela. Although claimed to be his final diss track, the potency of his verses promises to leave a lasting imprint in the minds of his fans and critics alike.