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Listening to Rich Amiri is like going through a wormhole–past and future collide upon themselves and emerge transformed but yet very familiar. Amiri first emerged on SoundCloud, rhyming over far-out and atmospheric plugg instrumentals with a velvety voice that evokes stars of R&B’s past. Amiri’s bubbling online presence drew the attention of Taz Taylor and Internet Money, who’ve become regular collaborators. In June, Rich Amiri shared For The Better, an astonishingly infectious debut project that featured Internet Money production and featured appearances from fellow rising stars SSGKobe, Summrs, Jaydes, and Desire. The Boston native continued in 2022 with the imperial single “Can’t Die,” which earned more than 1 million Spotify streams, and shifted gears for the romantic “Dirty Money” to close out the year. Continuing to push music forward with his powerful pipes, the talented teenager elevated his game in 2022 and so far in 2023.

Navigating adventurous instrumentals with suavity and poise, Rich Amiri stands out from the crowd with his rich vocal timbre. His debut project “For The Better” showcases these talents and features SSGKobe and Summrs among others. The 8-song effort showcased Amiri’s beyond-his-years maturity and sharp songwriting, while Internet Money helped craft a soundscape that suited his inimitable voice.

He has the respect of his peers and recently collabed with artists such as Lil Tecca, iayze, and Slump6s. One of his most interesting songs to date is “Keep All That.” A soulful Pluggnb slow jam that draws influence from iconic crooners like Marvin Gaye and Al Green produced by Rio Leyva. In this song Rich taps into his vocal smoothness with a vintage R&B romance anthem with refreshing efficacy.

Cutting through the noise with his baritone voice Rich Amiri recently dropped a major single with Lil Tecca on a song called “Poppin.” “Poppin” was the first glimpse of EVOLUTION, Amiri’s newest project, and the follow-up to his 2022 debut release For The Better. “Poppin” was the first new single of the year by the busy, Boston-born rapper. Capitalizing on the momentum from his 2021 hit “Never Fail,” which recently surpassed 3 million streams on SoundCloud, Amiri shared a consistent stream of underground hits.

With his sights set on stardom and an arsenal of versatile flows to help get him there, Rich Amiri is paving the way to a bright future. With his new project EVOLUTION, Rich shares his latest video singles “Salty”, “Mention”, and “Best Friend”.

Produced in full by Internet Money, the new project provides a rich and futuristic canvas upon which Amiri can paint with his deep and soulful voice. Spanning 12 tracks, the project plays like a cohesive mix, with many tracks seamlessly transitioning to the next, with instrumentals that fill the room but leave space for Amiri to twirl his infectious melodies. EVOLUTION is available everywhere via Internet Money Records / 10K Projects.

In this exclusive interview with Rich Amiri talks to Digital Crates about his rise from recording on garageband with his friends to dropping his newest project with Internet Money. He says that music was always around him and he was putting together his own songs and learning how to record himself at a fairly young age. This gives him an advantage over a lot of artists as he has a grasp of both the technical and artistic side of making music. His music is melodic, lyrical, and inspired by some of the best melodic aritsts in the game. His unique voice and songwriting abilities set him apart from the new class of artists with versataile range and limitless potential.

He takes pride in his craft and is rapidly improving while maintaining a mix of quality and quantity of his art at a high level balancing music, visuals, shows, and social media. They talk about his production and songwriting process and how he makes his music in this studio. He uses his voice as an instrument in the track and has a great ear of picking beats that perfectly compliment his vocal style.

He has been touring consistently and has a lot of upcoming shows and events. He now has “fan favorite” songs to perform as well as audiences that are still discovering his music. He tries to keep his show sets fresh and full of high energy stage presence. Look for Rich Amiri touring and performing soon all over the country and the world! He is inspired by his travels and is starting to capture VLOGs and more behind the scenes moments for his fanbase to see the process.

His new project EVOLUTION is a statement piece of where he is at in his career sonically but also shows there is so much room for growth and experimentation in his music. He has future goals for his music and lists some producers and artists he would most like to collaborate with in the near future. He practices time management and is motivated to stay productive. Since he started uploading songs to his SoundCloud in 2020, Rich Amiri has established himself as a fixture in rap’s burgeoning melodic underground. Rich Amiri is now on the path to stardom. Stay tuned for much more from Rich Amiri soon right here on !

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