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Richard Germane Restates Female Power With “She Bad” & Teases Two New Singles


Richard Germane unveils a thought-provoking single titled “She Bad,” which defies conventional notions of female strength and power. In our exclusive interview, the rapper and songwriter, hailing from NY, candidly expresses his artistic approach, relying on raw emotions and instinctive action rather than being burdened by overthinking, as he believes it hampers the creative process. 

Music has been a solace for Germane, particularly during his difficult teenage years when he was homeless. While staying true to himself, he plans to represent the New York music scene and has exciting upcoming projects that are yet to be revealed. He has two more singles in the pipeline, “Busy” with a dancehall/reggae vibe, and “Born to Make You Dance,” a dynamic avant-garde dance track with an urban undertone.

Congratulations on the release of your new single, “She Bad”! You recently revealed that the catchy hook for the song struck you spontaneously when you saw a woman pushing a stroller. How do you capture and translate those bursts of inspiration into a fully fleshed-out song? Do you have any specific techniques or rituals that help you harness that creative energy?”

Thank you so much! I don’t know, I guess it’s something that I have inside of myself. I think a lot of artists can relate in the sense that it just comes to you. Technique-wise I rely a lot on my emotions. If I’m excited I know it’s the right direction. Also, Just doing it! I think actions hold more weight than over-thinking.

Co-production has become an important aspect of your music-making process. How has this collaborative approach enhanced your creativity and added a new dimension to your music?

It’s changed my artistry, working with other creatives kind of shapes you. I look at music as a whole equation as opposed to just trying to over impress or show off. I think of the whole picture now.

Much like everyone else, you’ve encountered your fair share of challenges along the way. How has music served as your solace and inspiration throughout your personal journey? Can you recount a particular moment or experience where music played a pivotal role in helping you overcome a hardship in your life?

I’ve been through a lot in my life, but being homeless when I was a teenager was the most difficult. I would sing in school in this little hallway that had a door. Music has saved my life in so many ways.

As you aspire to be both a performer and a fashion icon, how do you believe fashion, as a means of expression, aligns and resonates with your musical influences?

I think fashion changes how you feel about yourself and it can affect how others perceive you. Placing it within an artistic scope can really be career-defining. A lot of people that I love like Madonna, Rihanna, or Michael definitely used fashion as a catalyst.

Having been born and raised in New York City, what are your thoughts on its current music scene, and what are your aspirations for contributing to it?

I think that the internet has taken over so I think you can make it anywhere. I plan to contribute by repping NY to the death. Staying true to myself and using honest vernacular is also a way for me to represent the scene.

Your performances at New York Fashion Week and the Brooklyn Museum must have been extraordinary experiences. Could you share some standout moments from those events? Do you have any upcoming shows in the pipeline that you would like to mention?

I have no current shows. But those experiences were an absolute dream come true. I have other things in the works that I’m forced to keep confidential at the moment. Stay Tuned!

Can we expect any new singles from you in the near future? Also, do you have any plans to release a music video for your latest, “She Bad”?

I have two more singles coming out one is called “Busy,” it’s very dancehall/reggae very different from “She Bad.” The other is called “Born to Make You Dance,” it’s a dynamic avant-garde dance track with an urban undertone.

Check out “She Bad” below: