Rick Ross Addresses Correctional Officer Past & Explains Why He Only Lasted 4 Months


Rick Ross has worn many hats throughout his decorated career. At one point, although briefly, he was even a corrections officer in Florida, which many have used to try to poke holes at his street credentials as a rapper.

Rozay joined the boys over at the Full Send Podcast for an interview recently and he spoke candidly about his four-month stint as a correctional officer and explained what led to him being let go from the job.

“Maybe when I was 20. I didn’t really get to make it to the prison. Cuz you gotta go through training and all that and I didn’t last long. I may have lasted four months and they said I was a lil’ tardy.”


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Ross detailed how one of his big homies endorsed the job as a potential opportunity to help himself, but the MMG boss hated it.

“Anything you gotta really do and you’re fucking running and jogging and all of that,” he continued. “I missed a few days.”

He then described the paycheck as “horrendous” as it totaled to taking home about $500 every two weeks, which fell well short of what he could’ve been making hustling.

Another part of the interview saw Rick Ross sticking up for his friend and frequent collaborator Kanye West.

“He’s not losing his mind at all,” he pushed back. “If you felt he was losing his mind now, it would’ve been lost 15 years ago if you felt like that. And I never felt like that, and homie always been a genius. I believe he’s going through his thing with his family.”

Watch the full interview below.