Rick Ross And Meek Mill Reflect On Helping Each Other Through Substance Abuse 


While they have both overhauled their lifestyles, there was a time when Meek Mill and Rick Ross helped each other through their battles with substances. 

The MMG duo have been open about their history with drugs, with the Philly rapper previously admitting he used to take up to 10 percocets a day at the height of his pill-popping habit. Rozay was hospitalized back in 2018 following a string of seizures that he blamed on drinking lean and taking other drugs.  

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The “Shaq & Kobe” hitmakers reflected on the toll alcohol and prescription drugs took on them during a candid interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden. 

Meek Mill explained, “my stomach was bent over for like a year and a half,” and he dropped down to just 170 pounds. Although he was telling friends and family, not everybody grasped the reality of the situation.  

“People wasn’t seeing it though,’ he continued. “People would see it or might make a joke about it, and in real life my s### f##### up.” 

Rick Ross interjected, saying he and Meek Mill “definitely had conversations” when he saw something was wrong. “Vice versa though,” the MMG boss said, before Meek added, “For sure. On both ends.” 

Ross recalled being on lean and running into Meek Mill in the studio. “Little bro, we got to tighten up on this s###,” he shared. 

Meek Mill explained that he never tried to hide his substance abuse issues from his friends.  

“Like how Rozay said, when you walk in the studio, I’m going to have my lean on the table,” he added. “I’m a man of integrity. If I’m doing something I want to do it in front of my friends so my friends can stop me. So I can have somebody pull me to the side. I ain’t going to be doing a drug or doing nothing that I got to hide from my brothers or nothing like that cuz nobody might not be able to pull you to the side and help you.” 

Check out the interview below.  

Meek Mill And Rick Ross Annouce Upcoming Joint Project

Meanwhile, following the release of their new collab single, Meek Mill and Rick Ross officially announced plans to unite for a joint project.  

“We won already. We playing with what? The house’s money and it’s only one way to explain that or describe that,” Rozay told Darden. “It’s too good to be true, which is the name of the project me and Meek Mill will be releasing. Too Good To Be True. We’ll give you that ASAP.”