Rick Ross is Helping Freddie Gibbs End Feud With Jeezy


Rick Ross recently spoke to Elliot Wilson and B.Dot on the Rap Radar podcast for his newest release, Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. During their conversation, the topic of Freddie Gibbs arose. Ross spoke on how he and Gibbs were able to mend their relationship after Gibbs dissed Ross, claiming that the MMG founder’s music was full of “bold faced lies.”

Much like he and Gibbs were able to make amends and drop “Scottie Beam,” off of Gibbs’s critically acclaimed joint project with The Alchemist, Alfredo, Ross wants to help Gibbs also reconnect with Jeezy. Ross even said he has tried to get Gibbs to make amends with his former boss at CTE.

B. Dot asked Ross what his interactions with Gibbs are like. Ross replied saying, “It’s him having to sit down with Jeezy and putting that in the past.”

He continued, “I’m not sure that it’s happened yet. But most definitely, That was a conversation I had with Freddie Gibbs, because once again, you gotta appreciate when a brother reach out to you and believe in your gift, brother. That’s what it’s about. As a boss, a CEO, you’re not obligated to owe nobody to sign nobody. Homie seen your vision, he believed in you. That’s what it came down to, that’s what I live by, and that was some of the advice I gave homie.”

Ross went on to say that Gibbs said that he’d sleep on the advice, and a day later, Gibbs called Ross back, saying “Rozay, let’s make it happen.” 

“And I told him, let’s not rush into it, let’s not put a date on it,” Ross recounted. “I had a conversation with Jeezy, and I left it with him.”