Rising Star Cale Cost Boy, Jr. and His Come Up with ‘Supernova’


Every now and then there is a music video that drops and catches the attention of music fans for its great visuals and production work. There is a hot new music video that is creating buzz on the hip hop music scene. The artist is Cale Cost Boy Jr. His latest track “Supernova” is rated as fire along with the dope music video that was recently released by Cale. “Supernova” is Cale’s new feature release and a part of his hot EP “What the F They Know. ” As an independent artist, Cale is rolling like a major as he is coming into his own as a dope lyricist with a new hot video and building momentum with his record deal with Go Gitta Records.

Straight out of Charlotte, Cale is on point with solid production on the record and video. His skills on the mic are smooth and steady as he delivers his lyrics of each song like a conversational story on topics that fans can relate to. Topics that deal with real life and Cale is showing fans he knows how to translate life conversations through the music and make it all mean something. He makes music that makes you think about whatever he is talking about. That alone is power when it comes to writing lyrics and performing in the world of hip hop. In a recent interview he talked about coming up saturating hip hop and how his sound is built on his heroes who he continues to listen to even now.

Cale-Cost-Boy-Cover-Supernova-500x500 Rising Star Cale Cost Boy, Jr. and His Come Up with 'Supernova'

The music video for “Supernova” brings the heat with the song that is already fire. This dope video was put together by Shooter Productions and Vision V Films led by the keen eye of music video director, Gamble. But “Supernova” is more than a dope video and track. Looking at Cale’s raw talent emerging on camera and in-studio, we can project that this is just the beginning when it comes to Cale’s talent. His current work is a testament to his unique style and approach to hip hop both on the mic and as a writer evolving the current music scene to “realness” through the art of music.

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