Robyn Hitchcock to Publish Memoir


Robyn Hitchcock has announced a memoir, 1967: How I Got There and Why I Never Left. The cult singer-songwriter and bandleader of the Soft Boys and the Egyptians chronicles a 12-month span of his early adolescence in the book, documenting his alienating move to a new school and subsequent obsessions with the Beatles, Brian Eno, Jimi Hendrix, and many more. It’ll be published through Akashic Books in the United States on June 28.

In a press release, Hitchcock said, “1967 is the point when I and the world went through the change. It was all just blissful synchronicity as I grew nine inches in 15 months, just as Dylan was electrified and pop groups turned into rock bands. Arguably as much was lost as was gained, but at the same time, you had Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd and others producing music that couldn’t have even been described three years earlier. You had the Beatles wearing suits and ties producing inaudible shows with tiny amplifiers, in many ways playing to the old rules of showbiz, and then suddenly up came Dylan with his thousand-watt PA and Jimi Hendrix with his Marshall stacks, and the whole thing erupted.”

Hitchcock is currently touring North America—check out the dates on his website.

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Robyn Hitchcock: 1967: How I Got There and Why I Never Left