Royce Da 5’9 Says The Game Would ‘Have His Hands Full’ Trying To Battle Eminem


Royce Da 5’9 and producer Mike Zombie hopped on Instagram Live recently to discuss The Game’s claim he’s a “better” rapper than Eminem. Zombie, who’s been working with Game on his forthcoming album, said he was “rapping at a very, very high level. He got shit to prove. He rappin’ like other n-ggas. He in that bag, bro.”

And Game’s confidence showed during the interview with Drink Champs, which fueled the whole Eminem versus Game conversation.

“Eminem is Eminem, I like Eminem,” he said at the time. “He’s one of the fuckin good MCs, great MCs. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not, he’s not. Challenge it. Yes, I do [want to do Verzuz against Eminem]. What you mean, yeah I do? The fuck you mean? I’m not saying I want smoke with Eminem; I’m saying I want smoke with Eminem, him, and him, whoever.”

Revisiting the interview, Royce Da 5’9 and Mike Zombie agreed Game had every right to feel how he feels. In fact, Royce suggested he’s surprised by rappers who don’t have that attitude. But at the same time, he knows out-rapping Eminem is never a slam dunk.

“I seen it, whenever anybody mention Em’s name they make it a headline. … But I feel like, every MC should feel like that. … Game is a monster. He’ll just have his hands full. Em is a hard dude to out-rap. Nine times out of 10, you’re gonna be sending him your verse, so when he get your verse … he gonna aim to out-rap you. He ain’t trying to get out-rapped, never. That competitive edge is always there.”

The Game was once considered retired, telling his fans he was hanging up the mic after 2019’s Born To Rap. But times have changed.

During a rare interview with HipHopDX in March 2021, Game talked about the homogenized rap that typically dominates the Billboard charts and confirmed he had another album on the way.

“It fucking sucks there’s no real substance in music anymore, but we have to go through it until it’s fruitful again,” he said. “Logic is working with Madlib. And of course, Kendrick and Cole, and then I’m coming back again. Shit’s coming.

“Kendrick and J. Cole can only sit quiet for so long, so you’ll get some good shit. And again, I like the fucking Polo Gs, the Pooh Shiestys, and of course Lil Baby, I love it. I’m in my car, I throw on Lil Baby, but everybody’s not Lil Baby. So again, we got to pick and choose what has substance.”

Royce, for one, says he’s looking forward to hearing the album, while Mike Zombie confirmed Kanye West was on it along with “a lot of other people, a couple other legends.” DJ Paul, Timbaland, Hit-Boy and Mike Zombie are also among the project’s producers.

Not long after the Drink Champs interview, Game doubled down on his sentiments, he returned with a flurry of tweets outlining why Eminem’s new Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) record for most certifications still doesn’t make him a superior rapper.

“All this talk I see on the net saying Eminem is better than me because he sold more records is like saying McDonald’s is better than Tam’s burgers, it’s FALSE !!!” he began. “They just put more money in McDonald’s & promoted the shit out the happy meal dangling toys in kids faces.”

He added, “Translation for those of you who don’t know how major record companies do business: it’s a machine designed to work for the artists who PLAY NICE in massa’s house. I was TOO REAL, TOO UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK & cut the puppet strings early on in my career n decided to rebel.”