Royce Da 5'9 Taunts Tory Lanez To Respond To Cassidy Diss


Royce Da 5’9 has been embroiled in his own rap beef with his former podcast co-host Lupe Fiasco as of late. After trading a pair of diss tracks late last month, it looks like the Slaughterhouse vet is ready to see another showdown — this time, between Tory Lanez and Cassidy who roasted the 29-year-old in a track called “Perjury.”

On Tuesday (August 3), Royce shared a tweet to his timeline, taunting the embattled Canadian rapper to step into the proverbial arena. “You gon respond @torylanez? I like when you in that bag. Pardon my lateness y’all my girl wouldn’t let me online.”

“Perjury” arrived roughly a week after Tory Lanez spit a freestyle over a Cassidy beat in which he recycled some of his lyrics.

While Lanez chalked it up as nothing but a tribute, Cassidy felt differently. As he explained in an interview with Hip Hop Uncensored, “I feel disrespected that he feel like just because he [an] artist with some songs out, that him rappin’ to my beat is like, I should feel privileged.

“Like I should feel like he doin’ something for me, like I should feel grateful. Fuck outta here. N-ggas been rappin’ to my beats. I been doin’ this shit way before you came around. I don’t give a fuck about you rappin’ to my beat… Pay homage for real, n-gga. Pay homage for real.”

The track finds Cassidy taking shots at Lanez’s felony assault charge involving the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident, biting tendencies, male pattern baldness and all around “bitch” characteristics.

“Bars keeping still you keep stealing all the bars you write,” he raps. “Fuck all the hype you been a bitch all your life/But to shoot a chick push you into harlem nights.”

He spits elsewhere, “Bitch you think we dumb you ain’t from where we from/Canada got free healthcare you gonna need some/Its stolen bars in all the records that he done/None of his shit is original, shit pitiful/I was selling records for the game went digital/I started from the bottom like a midget do but n-ggas knew.”

Like Royce noted, Lanez has yet to respond. In the meantime, check out “Perjury” below.