Russ To Release New Book ‘It Was You All Along’; Unveils Cover


Independent all-round musician and best-selling author, Russ, has just released his new book titled It Was You All Along, centered on self help and personal development. The book is a philosophical introspective foray into a bar from Russ’ first album that asks a pertinent question inspired by his mother – What if you’re the one you’ve been waiting for?

Following up on his best-selling writing debut that was It’s All in Your Head, the presumed sequel’s title is inspired by Russ’ 2024 North-American tour by the same name and makes clever use of his song titles as chapters. Published by HarperCollins, the book has already claimed the number 1 spot in the hip-hop/ rap writing section on Amazon and is ranked #8 globally. The book is also available in an audiobook format voiced by the artist himself.