Saviii 3rd and Wallie The Sensei Drop “Swagger”


Long Beach’s Saviii 3rd is back with another banger that shows his dexterity as a musician. On a mission to prove he’s much more than a gangster rapper, Saviii shows his knack for braggadocios rap with lyrics like, “I’m off this Jigga, let’s get jiggy, lets go plot up on a milly, ain’t sh*t I can’t afford I really started from a penny”.  The track “Swagger” features Compton’s newest star Wallie The Sensei who opts to display his lyrical rapping ability instead of his typical singing chops. Ever since Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg first connected, the saying “Compton and Long Beach together no you know you in trouble” has rang true and this track is no different, bringing the best out of both emcees.