Sexyy Red Causes Split Social Media Reaction After Twerking in Front of Her Son


Sexyy Red celebrated her birthday and went out twerking. The issue in certain social media sectors is her son, who is looking on in the moment. Red’s butt is in full view of the child, and another woman would playfully interact with him.

The reaction is split as some supported Sexyy Red, with one social media user writing: “So yall don’t dance in front of yall kids?? Yall just 2 step ok.”

You can see the moment below. What’s your take on it?


Returning down memory lane to the MySpace and Juicy Couture era, Sexyy Red has unveiled the video for her latest Billboard-charting single, “Get It Sexyy.” Produced by Tay Keith, the track has already amassed millions of streams and debuted impressively at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Directed by Des Gray, the video captures the essence of the early 2000s, reminiscent of BET’s “106 & Park” playlist. Sexyy Red channels the era’s vibes, sporting tall tees and putting her spin on classic internet dance challenges. Notably, internet sensation Soulja Boy makes a cameo, contributing to a catchy dance routine akin to “Crank Dat.”

The star-studded video features appearances from Drake, humorously portrayed as Sexyy Red’s roller-skating rink date, along with cameos from Adin Ross, Rob49, Wizz Havinn, Fabo, Tay Keith, and more. “Get It Sexyy” marks Sexyy Red’s highest-charting solo single, surpassing her previous hit “SkeeYee.”